FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Economic Tips

Published on by John Doe

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The newspaper El Mundo Deportivo has already started to give everything in the game of EA Sports and from its pages offer you these wise tips so that your coins are not scarce.

In FIFA Ultimate Team , as you know, you do not have a computer at hand to use it is as close to your collection of copper cromos life and jump playing field for a certain number of games. Of course, these trading cards for limited uses must go renewing if you do not want to run out effective, and for this we must be well supplied with coins in the game. But alas, what is easy comes easy goes. Do not suffer, sports professionals come to the rescue. 

The newspaper El Mundo Deportivo not only gives full coverage of news of FC Barcelona , also has its jugón side and have already been squeezed so the Ultimate Team FIFA 17 . If you are new this mode, Heed wise counsel to get more liquidity: 

Nothing abandon matches : Finish what you start to lose even if it 's by a landslide. The dropout rate will take a toll on you when you finish the games and receive your reward. 

No hog : A template of 22 players that allows you to make a rotation position is enough. The rest you do not use you can sell it in exchange for coins. 

I am a Jorge Mendes : Or in other words, buy low and sell high. There will be players that are put to shot at a bargain price and as soon as they recover the form will give a lot of benefits, so stay tuned. 

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Hiring a coach pays off : Although not essential because that you are at the controls, have a coach has a number of advantages as bring cards that allow renew contract players. 

Winning mentality : It 's stating the obvious, but the more success more revenue, so win, win, win and win again.