Pokémon Go is there: now officially for Android and iOS Worldwide

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Pokémon Go is on everyone's lips. Also, we were able to at 7mobile watch the game for you. Pokémon Go published in Germany for Android and iOS Update of 13 July 2016: Pokémon Go is now officially available worldwide for Android and iOS. Simply use our app boxes and let the fun begin! Original article of 11 July 2016: In cooperation with Niantic Lab, formerly belonging to Google Developer Studio, also responsible for Ingress development, Pokemon Go cheats tool, which was officially announced some time ago by Nintendo arose. The smartphone game is a so-called augmented reality game, the environment is so integrated with in the game world. Based on Pokemon means for gamers that they meet in the real world in arenas, Pokémon and Pokéstops which will be displayed on the smartphone integrated by the camera in the "real world". Already struggling developers with server problems, which are evident due to the great popularity of the game. Pokémon Go: playable only via detours Pokémon Go was released until now only in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and USA, but millions more players are added which to install it in a roundabout way in the smartphone world. Among especially many Android users are likely to be playing the game with the appropriate installation APK to your phone. We tested it well and give you enclosed instructions. Please use our Linked APK because many installation file were equipped with malicious software . APK Download and Instructions: So you play Pokémon Go in Germany under Android - Invites you the Linked APK file on your smartphone down - Maybe you have to agree to the security settings of your Smartphone before installing apps from third-party sources - Click on the APK in the download folder and right-installation - Now you can play regularly and use their Pokémon Go Caution: Because the developer house access not unfounded, the game rolls out gradually, it may happen that accounts are blocked by players from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in general all the countries where the game is not officially available through the App Stores. Because due to the extremely high number of players and the resulting problems with the server, the release was delayed. Only in the coming days Pokemon Go cheats tool to appear in Germany and other European countries. Therefore Uses manual and Pokémon Go at your own risk! Our accounts have not been banned. Ins game you start (as one of Pokemon Red / Blue knows) with one of three Starterpokémon Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. This Pokémon you catch using a Pokeballs and begins the journey. The most important point from now on is: A lot of exercise! Only by exploring the neighborhood and other places you pass Pokéstops. At these points, you not only get experience points (EP), but also items like Poké Balls, potions, eggs and much more. Also encountered while walking in various Pokémon that you can catch. An audible "Journal noise" the approximate location of Pokemon go cheats tool are recognizable. After throwing the Pokéballes can catch the Pokémon. In my first four days I can catch nine additional Pokémon (not counting duplicates). Meanwhile I went up to level 5 and will try in the near future, to conquer an arena. These are places where you challenge other players and can win the arena for your team. When first entering the arena you can you decide between Team Blue, red or yellow. The arena lights up correspondingly in the color of the team. Pokémon Go: battery pack recommended Will you catch many Pokémon go, the game flickers course permanently on your smartphone screen. The consumed not only by the turned-on display, but also the constant locate on the GPS signal much battery capacity. Recommended is the power saving mode in the game itself and, of course, also a battery pack * when you go on longer trips. In the game you have the opportunity, in-app purchases to make in order to accelerate progress. Thus one has with Pokémon course with a free-to-play game, the ability to move players to spend a lot of money. Even now, the game in the US App Store for top-selling app - and to within just 12 hours publication. But one great advantage the game for couch potatoes: Finally a reason to be long and detailed road outside. Pokémon Go: side notes Incidentally Pokemon Go cheats tool drives his players not only in police stations, bodies and into the hands of criminals , but also to disclose some information about yourself. This of course includes the site, can be reproduced according to the usage authorities along with other data to authorities. Netzpolitik clears it available on .

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