Can I buy or sell accounts Clash Royale?

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We have been reporting on whether we can buy or sell accounts Clash Royale , something that many users have implemented with Clash of Clans and now want to do in Clash Royale, because there are many who have 3,000 glasses and a more than modest team , a team that definitely worth money. But to what extent can buy / sell or give away cards in Clash Royale? we analyze, so you know what it's all about and what to do.

Clash Royale, I can buy or sell an account?

If we look at the terms of service Supercell , we see that the fact of buy / sell or give away accounts is against the terms of service of the game. Come on , that is not "legal" do , and that if we could suffer banneo even after paying. Specifically, the quote is as follows:

" You can not sell, buy or give your account or create an account identification or false information. Your account could be eliminated and BANNED, including any Supercell game . "

Given this it is clear that we must be very careful, because if we want to buy an account of a user with 3,000 trophies, that account will never be ours because we have not created usand Supercell knows, and is a policy that is not supported in their games.

Supercell claims that can not guarantee the security of accounts move from one player to another, so reserve the right to veto any transferred account without the permission of supercell. I do not know if putting ourselves in contact with them might work, but I really do not think so. It does not look so put in terms. Another thing is to link multiple devices to a single account .

Supercell do not suggest this practice

The guys Clash Royale hack no survey also claim that a rule many users selling accounts are with your money , and you run out of it, because never fails him, because it is who created it and no way to change it . Moreover, the boys play advise that help to prevent this practice, which do not sell your account and report if you see someone who does, because proceed to banneo.

What do you think of all this? You've probably seen many villages Clash of Clans sold ... but what you think about it?

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