WhatsApp on the iPad without Jailbreak: Manual & Risk

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WhatsApp is not supported on the iPad. Anyone who wants to communicate with his friends across platforms, can only resort to an alternative, right? No. We tell you how you WhatsApp without problems and especially without Jailbreak an iPod Touch with iOS iPad or 5, 6, 7 or 8 receives and how great the resulting risks.

WhatsApp for iPad and iPad mini: The you need.

In order to install the Messenger on the iPad, you need advance already some tools that you can set you free. So the program iFunBox part of the repertoire, which allows to access the hidden iOS system directory (root) directory of the iOS device and easy to move data using drag and drop. Click here to download for Mac and PC.

You will also need a next iPad also an iPhone, whose phone number is best not connected to WhatsApp. Because, should ye login so on the iPad, WhatsApp does not work on the iPhone. That is the crux of the matter.

Step by Step: How WhatsApp goes on the iPad without Jailbreak.

1. Save as WhatsApp IPA on your Mac or PC - either download or copy from your iPhone over
iFunBox.. 2 Connect iPad and install in the iFunbox on "Install App" WhatsApp on the
iPad.. 3 With the iPhone at WhatsApp login (if not already done - or you use another SIM
card).. 4 Wait for SMS and confirm with the
Code.. 5 Connect iPhone to your PC or Mac, and Open means
iFunbox.. 6 Search WhatsApp and save or copy the Documents and Library
folders.. 7 iPhone disconnect, connect iPad and delete the two folders in the iPad directory and replace it by the
iPhone.. 8 Finished!

Now dürftet her WhatsApp use on the iPad. And All this without Jailbreak.

Das Problem.

However, we do not recommend the use of WhatsApp on the iPad from! The reason: You can not use on multiple devices in parallel to the Messenger. That is: As soon as you want to write with your friends on iPad, you will be logged out and the iPhone have to get then re-Verify. News also always come only on an iOS device.

This is not only inconvenient, but may draw attention to you, the developer. Whether this what to do about it - questionable. We still say: Hands off!

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